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International Birth & Breastfeeding Center  

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South Africa
The Birth Better Initiative started in Coronation Hospital in South Africa in the Effective Care Research Unit. It is a component of the Effective Health Care Alliance Programme (EHCAP), supported by the Department for International Development.

Birthing in Awareness Doula Services
Rosalia Pihlajasaari
Serving Johannesburg, South Africa
Providing Birth Doula services, Prenatal Mentoring Classes based on "Birthing from Within", Blessingways, Breastfeeding Facilitation, Reiki Healing and Therapeutic Massage.
+27 82 780 8965


Birth Buddies - Because giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.
Serving Cape Town Metropolitan Area. Cape Town, South Africa.
Birth Buddies is a Cape Town based birth companion (doula) service. Whether you choose to pursue natural or medicated childbirth, your Birth Buddy will work with you, to prepare you and nurture you. We offer experience and specialized care uniquely designed to give you the confidence and support you need during this special time. Birth Buddies believe in birth preparation. Education, guidance and support are essential to your desired outcome, especially when you are choosing to pursue a natural birth. Therefore, we prefer to spend time getting to know you, and not to just show up for your birth.
Tel:     +27 83 779-7800 or +27 21 685-1869 
Cape Town Metropolitan Area.
HypnoBirthing in Durbanville, Cape Town
HypnoBirthing is a full antenatal course that teaches deep relaxation techniques using self-hypnosis from around 28 weeks of pregnancy - relaxation is beneficial for both mother and baby.  The relaxation allows you to prepare for labour in a positive way without fear, when the body has no tension it is able to birth comfortably as it was designed to do.
+27 73 085 6645


Childbirth Education Association of Sydney
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond Caring, Professional Midwifery Services in Sydney
National Association of Childbirth Educators
Canberra & Region Multiple Birth Association
Australian Multiple Birth Association
Maternity Coalition Inc. (for midwives, mothers and others)
Online Childbirth Classes
Birthrites: Healing after Cesarean
Daughters of Ishtar ~ spiritual and emotional preparation for childbirth & motherhood

Aquanatal ~ Water Birth in Belgium
L'office de la Naissance et de l'Enfance
Union Professionnelle de Accoucheuses Belges

Doulas do Brasil
Associacao Nacional de Doulas
Doulas da Zona Lest

Canada ~ Quebec
APEP - Association de parents d'enfants prematures du Quebec
Canadian Birth & Pregnancy Resources at Kidkanuck.com
Providing informaiton and support for various aspects of pregnancy and brith in Canada; homebirth, natural childbirth, midwives, doulas, teen pregnancy, twins and multiples, premature birth and much more!
Canadian Childbirth Resources ~ committed to the highest quality of service and products to parents, childbirth professionals and the public; workshops, trainings, products and Childbirth Registry serve to support the childbirth community and enhance the childbirth experience.
Maternal Source ~ committed to providing quality products, services and resources for mothers, fathers, babies and specialists in pregnancy, childbirth and lactation.

Enfance-Naissance - an effort to support midwife Mme. Suzanne de Bearn and the Sainte Therese Birth Center
Pour une naissance heureuse (childbirth and midwifery information)
Dormir avec son bebe (sleeping with your baby)
Maman de jumeaux (mothers of twins)
La methode kangourou (kangaroo care for premature babies)

The Napvilįg Birth Center and Hungarian Labor Support (Doulas)


Pregnancy Guide: A parents resource of information on pregnancy, birth and babies. Includes free stuff for parents, symptoms and week by week calendar,exercise nutition and cord blood info for moms to be.

Childbirth Education in Tokyo

Mamalink ~ Services for Mothers and Mothers to Be (Childbirth Classes/Lactation Clinic), TENS unit and breastpump rentals.

Karin Heinimann
Serving Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Malaysia
Providing Doula labor support
Email  Karin@mydoula.com.my
Webpage  www.mydoula.com.my

New Zealand
New Zealand Multiple Birth Association

Birth & Beyond ~ a team of Childbirth Educators including a Midwife, a Physiotherapist and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner conduct a range of classes and services to help expectant a new parents cope with the demand of Pregnancy, Labour and Birth, Breastfeeding and Infant Care.

Singapore - the longest established doula organisation in Singapore - all doulas formally trained and accredited

Four Trimesters
Ginny Phang HBCE, CD(CBI), DipdCBE
The aim of Four Trimesters is to help parents achieve a positive and empowering birth experience.  Four Trimesters specializes in Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes, Childbirth Education, and Doula Services.  Contact Ginny at (65) 9475 1585 or email her at ginny@fourtrimesters.com.


United Kingdom
Natural Childbirth with the Second Nature Birth Programme®  ~ excellent informational website.
Millenia Doulas - based in NW London, these doulas offer doula training workshops as well as referrals to parents.
Safe Hands Doula Service - services include: support during labour and birth, support for feeding, flexible hours, relaxation exercises and therapeutic massage for you and your baby, light household duties, time and stress management coping strategies. They work from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, and will attend clients up to one hour's travel time away.
Sleeping with Your Baby/Bedsharing
National Childbirth Trust
National Childbirth Program
Association for Improvements in Maternity Services
Sheila Kitzinger
British Doulas- British Doulas places doulas all over the British Isles and runs regular training courses for would-be doulas. The training courses are designed and run by registered midwives and health visitors and have an NVQ status. BRITISH DOULAS, 49 HARRINGTON GARDENS, LONDON SW7 4JU
Phone: +44 (0)207 244 6053 Fax: +44 (0)207 244 9035 Email: doulas@topnotchnannies.com
Natural ABC - Natural Active birth antenatal classes in Cornwall and birth doula services. Partners include Katinka Soetens, Kathrine Field and Jane Clements. Email them at Katinka@cornishwoodland.co.uk

Birthlight ~ "for the greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth & babies": includes information regarding aqua yoga, perinatal yoga, well-woman yoga therapy, infant aquatics and baby yoga.
Made In Water ~ rent or purchase labor/birth pools for labouring in water or a water birth. The outer measurements are 150cm/135cm, which allow you to set up La 'Bassine' even in a small hospital room or a tiny cosy flat. Site includes information on water labor and books for labor and birth in water.

Express Yourself Mums in the UK: Breastfeeding & Breastpumps is a site for specialist breastfeeding and expressing products, useful supplies of breastpumps and their accessories as well as baby art and gifts.

BirthBliss Doula Services - Birth and Postnatal Doula support in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London.

Cheryl MacDonald BA Hons RPYT HBCE BSYA
Scotland and UK
Pre and post natal mum and baby yoga, baby massage, birth art, hypnobirthing, mum and baby retreats, tel.0781 786 4336, cheryl@yogabellies.co.uk, www.yogabellies.co.uk

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