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Positive Affirmations & Pregnancy  

How and what we think influences our lives ~ we can all agree with that statement.

Positive affirmations are statements that build a powerful internal spirit and replay throughout life as they are incorporated into your subconscious thoughts. Each time positive affirmations are thought, spoken or read, they reinforce positive images of you, your life, your pregnancy and the baby inside of you.

Positive affirmations can be written in a journal, said out loud, written on index cards and put around the house/office, or even recorded so that you can hear them as you drive or even as you fall asleep at night.

Just as positive affirmations can benefit a pregnancy and the bond a mother has with her baby, negative thoughts should be rejected and ejected from you pregnant life. Whenever you feel negative energy coming, shout “REJECT” and help your subconscious get rid of unnecessary and negative images or thoughts.

Positive affirmations always carry emotion in them. Emotion is a fuel which makes affirmations more powerful. The body and the mind and the spirit are very closely connected – one could say they are interwoven. So what affects the minds, it also affects the body and the spirit. You therefore have the power, through affirmations, to redirect the course of your spirit and thoughts.

Before you begin your affirmations, become aware of breathing ~ slow it down and keep it even. Deep breathing gives more oxygen to the baby…it is relaxing for both of you… and reduces the stress that both of you feel. Try saying these positive affirmations daily.

Keep a birth journal and see if your attitude about pregnancy and your baby changes. Does having a positive attitude affect the discomforts of pregnancy? Do you seem less stressed? Does your baby move more?


Hello or Good morning (afternoon, evening)

Hello (baby’s name) or Good morning my beautiful baby.

I feel you growing inside of me. I am so happy you are health and beautiful.

Each day you grow more and more beautiful.

I feel confident about you growing healthy and strong.

Your strong growing makes me so happy.

Each day I love you more and more; each day brings us closer.

You are strong and hearty.

I feel your peace and your love.

You feel my love.

Every day you increase in size in the perfect way.

I feel so comfortable having you with me.

I am sending you comfort and love and security.

My energy is giving you strength to grow healthy and wise.

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